As Homo Ludens in Mirrorshades moves forward, each month I will begin sharing compilations of previous postings as eBook and PDF files. These compilations are free of charge; however, don't be an asshat and sell these files. I will hunt you down, and I will issue a take-down order, among other things. With that said, if you don't profit from their dissemination, feel free to share these compilations with anyone. And I mean anyone. I do have a small favor to ask, though. If you share these compilations, please send those you've shared the compilations with to this site, so we can grow it and its community. Honestly, that isn't a hard ask, so please consider doing that for me. You can also access a full site eBook (i.e., ePub) export of this blog using the add-on I purchased through To access this Website export, please using the following link to do so: .epub

If you run into any trouble, with either method, please contact me via e-mail:

Thank you for reading Homo Ludens in Mirrorshades!